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The below classes are included in your membership as standard.

Members of Inspired Health & Fitness Club will be able to book on to classes 7 days in advance by logging in here.

Non-members will be able to book on to classes by purchasing a day pass for £10.00 – which also enables them to use the gym facilities. Non-members can click here or download our app and sign up for a day pass.

Class Terms & Conditions
Please be aware that this timetable is subject to change and ‘off-peak Members’ may only use the classes during off-peak hours. Please arrive at your chosen class 5 minutes prior to it starting. If you are unable to attend a class after booking, you must remove yourself from the class online. If you do not remove yourself from up to 3 classes or more (over any period), then we have no choice but to block you from being able to book onto any classes for 1 week. This is to make it fair to other members who have been prevented from booking onto a class and the team member who is planning the class based on number of attendees, but then people not showing up

If two or less people are booked on to a class, we reserve the right to cancel a class up to 2 hours prior to the class start time. Attendees will receive a text to notify them of the cancellation. Speak to a member of the team if your class is cancelled and we will be happy to give you a ‘free class’ voucher, which you can give to your friend, in the hope it will make them come more often and then the class will become busier. The ‘free class’ voucher is only available to those who have had their class cancelled.







Class Description

Circuits are split off in to different sections with a different exercise in each section. One exercise is performed for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then you would change to another exercise and so on.

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a relatively new form of training and not for the faint hearted. HIIT requires you to work in short intense bursts with minimal rest.

Indoor Cycle
Indoor Cycle is performed on specialist bikes. The instructor will give you voice commands as to when to speed up or slow down, usually in time with the music.

Body Conditioning
Body Conditioning is a weighted exercise class to music. If you have not picked up a barbell before don’t worry, this class is for everyone. It is a cardio strength class and includes exercises such as squats, lifts and curls to give the whole body a workout. You can set the weight to as light or heavy as you feel comfortable.

Core Blast
Core Blast is a great class for toning and giving definition to your abs (abdominals). You will be doing crunches, plank work and sit ups. Core is also great for improving your posture and, as the name suggest, building core strength and stability.

A NEW innovative and improved boxing class compiled with government guidelines. Learn about technique, form, skill and ability in an intense solo format. With elements of HIIT, shadow boxing and timed rounds you are guaranteed a super sweaty, yet rewarding workout.

Legs, Bums & Tums
Shape and burn all those troubled areas. It is a great class for toning and tightening and seeing great results in this aerobic style workout.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise and can help you to cope with the pressures of modern life, and help you to feel more healthy.

Booty Burner
This class will fire up your glutes and upper thigs with controlled exercises that are designed to fit and shape the Booty!

Private Hire of our Studio

If you would like to hire our studio, which offers over 500sqft of space, you can do so by contacting us on We charge just £15 per hour to hire our studio in Waterbeach, Cambridge.