WEEK 6: A tough week

Last week’s Personal Training (PT)
Let me start by saying I had a terrible week. I suffer with anxiety and depression and unfortunately it takes over a lot of basic things in my life. Eating is the main one!! So I’ve been doing all my PT and putting 100% effort in, but behind closed doors I’ve self sabotaged because I haven’t coped with my mental illness for a few days, and this paid off in my results, showing I had a massive gain!!
Now like I said, I’ve been doing all my PT so it had nothing to do with them, it was all my own doing with eating the wrong food.

I’ve spoke to a few of the different PT’s who work here and they’ve been very understanding and helpful and have even said themselves that some weeks will be harder than others, but getting back on track is the hardest thing to do. They haven’t judged me or made me feel excluded from the gym, and this week I am quite happily back to “normal” eating the right foods and doing my PT.

I genuinely believe that the PT are helping with my mental health, as I could have quite easily said to myself, you’ve eaten bad so what’s the point. But I didn’t and wanted to still do my PT knowing I wasn’t eating right. I know that the PT who is doing my session will always have my back, encouraging me and spurring me on which is why it is such and enjoyment…

Anyway, back to the PT
Monday I had Kieran. We started with a little cardio workout in the studio doing cycling, kettle bell swings and step ups. Getting the heart rate going and making me sweat. We then headed into the gym where I done toning and muscle work using the machines. We always do each exercise in 3 sets, and each time trying to up the weight. So for example when I do leg press, I start with 30kg doing 15 reps. The next set I do 40kg doing another 15 reps and then lastly I done 60kg doing 10 reps, as this was quite tough!!

Kieran is always encouraging and doesn’t push my boundaries, knowing me well enough to know know many reps or sets I could do for each exercise, rather than forcing or pushing me to do something that isn’t achievable.

Wednesday I had Bella, and we couldn’t use the studio this time so we done a lot of weight work. We tried focusing on my arms and shoulders and I could really feel the burn afterwards. She also had me on a running machine, which by now I am sure you know I have a genuine fear of, but we done it at my pace and level for only 10 mins. Doing brisk walking into about 30 seconds of a comfortable jog.

On Friday, I had Jonny. And Oh My Goodness he is brutal!! He is so good at what he does, that even if you hurt or ache or are breathless, you just want to carry on!! We done a HIIT class, he had me doing a circuit of workouts, back to back for 20 seconds with only a 10 second break between, when I finished the circuit, I then worked backwards doing the same again. Once I got into the beginning, I had a 1 minute break, then it was straight back in again, except knocking the first exercise off. Complete the whole circuit, work backwards, stop for 1 minute, start again knocking the next exercise off until basically I only had 1 exercise left. It was extremely hard work and I just so much but it felt so good!! We done 3 different sets of circuits. First was legs, second was upper body and third was abs. And in all honesty, Jonny is the only PT who has actually made me physically sweat. I was dripping!!
Over all, the week has been very good PT wise, it’s just a shame that my mental health took over with my eating, but like I said, I am back on track again now and full of positive energy for this week!! There will always be weeks where you get a small gain, most likely from muscle gain, but you have to find the will power to carry on and the fight to do it!! I am so desperate to lose weight and get fit, that even though when I had my bad week last week, I knew k was eating things I shouldn’t, but I want this so bad I knew I wasn’t going to give up, which Is why I carried on doing my PT and why I am now back to eating what I normally would, it’s about taking back control and keeping your focus, even at the hardest and toughest times in life…

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