Week 5: The dreaded Treadmill

This week has been very boxing based.

Bella put me on the treadmill, which I dreaded as I feel very anxious using them, but the only way to get over the fear is to Face it. When we used it on Wednesday, I was doing fast pace walking, in to short soft jogs for around 30 seconds, back into brisk walks. I felt pretty comfortable doing this as it was just a continuous jog. We done this for around 10 mins, and honestly, I could have probably done it for a few minutes longer. Friday when I used it again, she had me doing brisk walks, but with the intensity level on 15, so I was basically walking up hill. And i was doing between 5.5 and 5.7 on the level. My calves felt the burn after!!

So, with our boxing, it’s basic 1 2 1 2 1 2… punches, trying to keep the pace steady and not too fast. We added in sprints again straight into boxing. I tried moving around and punching, but my coordination is still pretty bad, but it’s improving. I also do skipping with boxing, as this to can work the whole body. I’m enjoying boxing still and starting to improve more.

I’ve then done squats, lateral dips, box taps, bunny hops and bag jumps across the room. All have been incorporated into the boxing as well to keep it fun.

Overall PT wise it’s been a pretty good week.

Looking forward to the upcoming week!!

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