WEEK 3: It’s working

This week has been a lot easier and still very enjoyable!! I’m starting to notice a few changes in myself, and also in my stamina whilst doing various exercises, and that’s in a little over 2 weeks!!

I’ve been working with Bella all week, and we work well together which helps a lot!!

Monday 14th
So we started with the spin bikes as a warm-up for 10 mins. This is slowly becoming easier and managing to pick the pace up!! We went on to boxing with ducks added in, skipping and box squats with kettle bell. I surprised myself and Bella with how fast I could actually skip and keep the pace, so this was really encouraging. Box squats you stand on two boxes with a gap between tour legs, and as you squat you lower the kettle bell between your legs, and pull it up to your chest as you come up. It’s pretty simple but effective. We done each one 3 times, as a set so one after the other.

We then went on to do box lunges with an arm in the air holding a kettle bell followed by military clean and press. Box lunges are quite difficult as you have to have the balance. I could do it perfectly bending my right leg, but struggled with my left. Military clean and press takes a bit of getting use to, and it took me a couple of attempts to get the sequence. So, you start by equating to pick the barbell up, lift it to your chest as you stand, push it above your head, lower it behind your neck, squat, bring it back up over your head as you stand and lower into a squat again. I had to do this 10x in a set of 3, alongside the box squats.

To finish we done some core work in the gym. I had to sit on the floor with my knees bent but my back slightly back as if half way through a sit up, and then using a dumbbell, I had to move the dumbbell from one side of my body to the other while staying in that position. I had to do this 10 times. I then had to go straight in to cycle crunches (?) Where you do a sit up but you put your knee to the opposite elbow x 10. We did this as a set of 3.

Overall Monday was a pretty comfortable PT but still worked very hard!!

Wednesday 16th
The usual, warm up with a spin bike for 6 minutes. Today was circuits again, but we had fun with it. Bella had a pile of cards with a exercise on it, and another with reps on it. I had to choose 3 from each pile to make a circuit. There was things like clean and press, spin bike, boxing, squats etc and reps were 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 50, so I could have a really easy one or very difficult!! One routine for example was boxing x 50 reps, squats x 30 and 20 x sprints. That was quite difficult but I managed it. We done around 6 sets with different sequences.

Its always good to have fun while doing PT!!

Friday 18th
Start with a spin bike warm up for 6 mins and also a bit of skipping. Today’s focus was a lot of boxing, which I don’t mind as actually really enjoy it, and we’ve both noticed my punches are getting stronger.

So, first I had to do sprint, punch x 4, duck, sprint… 10x. I done 3 sets of this. It was pretty easy but I could feel it. I was sweating by the end of the last set.

I went onto box side squats, box totals, slam ball burpees. One leg off the box, one leg on, squat and then jump to swap legs and repeat the other side. Toe taps are literally just tapping my toes on the box as fast as I can. And slam ball burpees you have to throw the medicine ball down as hard as you can, do a burpee and repeat. So we done that in a set of 3, one after the other. Burpees are quite difficult to do, but added with the slam ball as well is very tiring.

We finished in the gym again. I done squat ball throw, hip thrusts/ wide hip thrusts, leg scissor crunch and ended with skipping.

Squat ball throws you just squat, throw a ball in the air, catch it and repeat x10. For hip thrusts I sat on the floor with my back on a gym ball plate (half a gym ball on a plate) and my legs bent and lifted my bum up high and lowered x 10, then wide hip thrusts are the same, except I put the bottom of my feet together and knees to floor and thrust up as high as I can again. Leg scissors crunches (?) I laid on my back with my legs out flat and just scissor my legs in the air.

Overall the week has been very enjoyable, and definitely finding it easier and looking forward to it more!!

We also did my 2nd body stat test on Wednesday. In 2 week’s I’ve lost 7lbs, my BMI has come down, I’ve lost 1cm round my waist, 3 cm round my hips, 3% body Fat and a few other things to. So, the results are starting to show already and this is in just over 2 weeks!!

I can’t wait to do my PT session this coming week!!

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