Week 1: introduction to Kelsie’s 8 week programme

Over the next 8 weeks we will be delivering to you a blog written by Kelsie, who is putting herself through a transformation programme with our Personal Trainer Bella – see below…


Hi everyone, I’m Kelsie and I’ve started an 8 week fitness challenge designed and run by inspired Health and Fitness Club in Waterbeach, Cambridge.

I really am not happy in my own body and have always struggled to lose weight after having 3 children. In October I started doing Slimming world and it works fantastically, I lost 1 and a half stone by Christmas and it made me feel so much more positive and inspired to want to boost it more!!

You may have seen me around, I am actually the cleaner here at Inspired, so it made perfect sense to join up and take advantage of Bella’s PT knowledge, encouragement and support to help me boost my weight loss more. Each week I’ll be writing a blog explaining what Bella and I have been doing so everyone can follow my journey and hopefully we can inspire some more members, new and old, to improve their health and fitness!

Day 1
So on our first day, Bella took me into the office. She was very professional and very interested in what I want to achieve. She asked me what I want to get from doing PT, which for me is to lose weight and tone up. She asked me what my fitness was like at the minute or if I do any exercise. I was completely honest and told her I get breathless walking up a flight of stairs and do no exercise at all, unless you can call cleaning exercise!!

Bella was very understanding and supportive and reassured me that this will all change in the next couple of weeks and I will soon notice some big changes in my fitness.

We did a body stat test. This will mean nothing to most people, as it did not to me. Bella got me to lay on a bed in the treatment room and the she attached some wires to my right foot and right hand using little sticky pads and it calculated how much of my body is fat, muscle, how hydrated you are, where your BMI is, how many calories you are consuming and how many you actually should be consuming. You then keep the little print out and although for most, they should have this done with slightly longer intervals between them, I will have another review done in a couple of weeks to monitor changes over the 8-week period.

At our first PT, Bella talked over the sorts of exercises we’d be doing and explained that she wanted to keep it exciting so would never make me run on a treadmill for 20 minutes, as in all honesty I would get very bored and fed up. So, we warmed up on a spin bike, the most painful thing for me to ever sit on! But after a few second you get used to it. We did 1-minute sitting, 20 seconds standing (whilst cycling), 3 times over. It is very difficult and it made me feel physically sick doing it because my body isn’t use to it and I am seriously unfit! After our warm up we went into the studio and done some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training- exercising at high work rate for a short bust and then having a short break before going again). These exercises involved boxing while moving (I have no coordination so was tripping over my own feet), box jump which was difficult as I can’t lift my own weight and then a ball slam to burpee which is difficult but when you get in the rhythm it’s fine.

All in all, it was painful and it hurt to do, but after I felt so much better for it! I felt like I achieved something and was finally doing something to make my health better. Bella was so supportive throughout, noticing when I was struggling to give me a few seconds break and modifying a few things. I couldn’t fault her!

Day 2
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had very bad anxiety about today. It wasn’t that I dreaded doing my PT, it was that I felt so embarrassed from our first PT where I was so out of breath and barely able to jump, but again Bella was very upbeat and just talked me through everything.

We started doing a warm up on the spin bikes again, this time though it seemed easier so already one thing getting slightly easier after 1 session. We then did HIIT again, which this time we did as 3 different exercises in 3 sections.

Section 1:
I started by doing squats on the boxes with a kettle bell lift. This wasn’t too bad and felt quite comfortable. She then had me doing ‘jump squats’. Now this was virtually impossible! I could not lift my feet off the ground, but with some encouragement and with Bella joining me, I managed to give it a good go. I then had to do lunges with a weight bag on my back across the room. Again, this hurt but Bella let me take my time, not pressuring me. We did this section 3 times.

Section 2:
To start I had to do ‘box taps’, where I had one foot on the box and then swapped feet really quickly, tapping the box. It takes a few seconds but eventually got a rhythm going. I then did ‘jumping side lunges’ off the box, not incredibly hard but again need a rhythm which eventually happened after a few seconds. Finally, I had to jump over the box. With this, I had to stand at the end of the box with my hands on the box in front of me and literally bunny hop from side to side over the box. I managed this fine. We did this 3 times over again.

Section 3:
Firstly, I did kettlebell swings starting with a 10kg kettlebell, but it was too heavy for my back to use so we went down to 8kg and it was much more comfortable to do. I then did ‘tricep dips’ for 30 seconds. I struggled with this as you’re basically lifting your own weight and lowering it but feeling the burn somehow made it feel better, knowing it was working, I guess. I finished this section with press ups. Doing all 3 times over. For my warm down, we used the spin bike again.

I came in today with anxiety thinking I would fail and embarrass myself and probably give up, but I finished feeling so much better and actually looking forward to my next PT on Monday.

If you’re not used to exercise and working your body, it will be difficult when you first start. It takes time for your mind and body to adjust, so keep at it!! I ache like you wouldn’t believe but that is only temporary, the hard work I put in today is permanent!

If anyone is on Instagram, I post on there daily to do with my eating and now my PTs if you want to follow me search @slimming_with_kelsie_sw

You can also follow @inspired_cambridge

Kelsie x

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Lisa Bowleyreply
January 06 at 07:01 PM

I’m very excited to be following your journey Kelsie. You’re going to be amazed where it takes you! Trust in Bella, she will get you there 🙂

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